KIN Launch Party

Kinective Fitness Club hosted its first KIN Contributes party Friday, June 17, 2022 at our Rooftop Escape Bar & Lounge! 


Kin Contributes is Kinective’s Donation Based Organization where members’ exercise activity is directly contributing to a total donation for a local organization. Members are able to borrow a heart rate monitor to track all of their activity in the facility (from functional training to meditation), and the calories from those activities are gathered and collected together to add to a total calorie fund for the entire facility. 


This means that every single calorie tracked and burned here at Kinective  is turned into a donation and is used to GIVE BACK to the local El Paso Community!  


In March of 2022, Kinective members had the opportunity to choose between 3 organizations for the first ever KIN Contributes Donation. Our members chose, and the Humane Society of El Paso and Santa Teresa Rescues won the vote in a landslide. 


Our members spent the next three months burning as many calories as they could and for every 2022 calories burnt as a whole, KIN raised the donation by a dollar. So what was the total? 9,446,648 CALORIES! Our members’ hard work helped raise $4671! 


To celebrate, we invited the Humane Society of El Paso, Stanta Teresa Rescues, our members and their fur friends to join us for a party on the rooftop! 


The highlight of this event? Rescue Puppies and Dogs from Santa Teresa Rescue for adoption and fostering. After the 2-hour event, a total of 10 rescue pups and dogs found new families with our very own members!


We can’t wait to see what happens on the next KIN round of voting and calorie burn! 

The second quarter of Kin Contributes opens July 1st running until the end of September. You can vote for the next KIN organization starting June 30th in our KINECTIVE APP.