Dear Kinective Members,

On behalf of the entire Kinective staff, thank you for being a member of El Paso’s first all inclusive fitness club. Your safety is a top priority at Kinective.

Our team is committed to ensuring the highest level of safety at our facility through the integration of a combative anti-COVID-19 system that uses state of the art technology in an effort to provide you a safe and sanitized experience every visit.

Our system includes the following: fever detection screening, air filtration system, nanoseptic system, and regular facility sanitation in addition to practicing social distancing, as recommended by the CDC. Our facility’s cleaning personnel collectively work 550 hours a week to maintain a hygienic environment for all members.

At this time, we are no longer enforcing the use of masks due to the mask mandate being lifted. Members are still welcomed to wear a face covering if they feel necessary.

Kinective is proud to be an advocate for community safety. Our team will continue to stay up to date with the latest COVID-19 updates and further adjust our practices, as needed, to comply with local, state, and federal safety requirements.

To us, you’re more than a member of our community… You’re family!


Arturo Munoz
President/CEO, Kinective Fitness Club

Have comments, questions, or concerns about our COVID-19 safety practices?
Contact us at for assistance.

Kinective Covid-19
Safety Measures

As a community, we are aware of the existing COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to do our part in slowing the spread, Kinective has implemented the following technologies to better protect members from being exposed to the virus and other unnecessary germs, so they may focus on their lifestyle and fitness goals.

01. Oxidation System

The AirPHX system ensures air quality is
optimum for all members of the club

  • Technology uses high-level cleaning agents that have the
    ability to kill microbes in the air and on surfaces in as
    little as 60 minutes
  • Air quality control will be maintained; elimination of odors
    from bacteria and outgassing from mats, and rubber
Oxidation System
Nanoseptic Self-Cleaning Surfaces

02. Nanoseptic Self-Cleaning Surfaces

Daily cleaning measures will be taken by
both staff and in-house technology

  • 24/7 nanoseptic system utilizes mineral nano-crystals that
    create a powerful self-cleaning oxidation reaction
  • No poisons, heavy metals, chemicals, and other potentially
    harmful substances will be released from surfaces, as a
    result of this measure

03. Cordless Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer

CDC recommended cleaning agents will be
used by Kinective cleaning personnel to ensure
a safe and sanitary environment at all times

  • Electrostatic sprayers equip personnel with a powerful tool that
    effectively attacks microbes and disinfects all gym
  • Technology is touchless as it “wraps around” surfaces and
    objects at 360 degrees, providing 3x more coverage than
    traditional cleaning agents
  • Staff members will be responsible for sanitizing all high-traffic
    areas regularly
Oxidation System
Nanoseptic Self-Cleaning Surfaces

04. Fever Detection Screening Control System

Member health is a top priority, Kinective will
courtesy screen each guest to combat against

  • COVID-19 Symptom Detection: No-contact, rapid, mass
    screening system scans body temperatures of up to 300
    people per minute