Kinective Member Guidelines

As a member of the Kinective Fitness Club family, you deserve a healthy, stress free haven where you can achieve your fitness goals and continue living an active lifestyle. In order for Kinective to achieve this for you, we need your help & cooperation.

We, at Kinective, ask you to read and abide by the following guidelines and etiquette.

Cell Phone

Cell Phone APP use is necessary at Kinective, since you can connect to almost every piece of equipment to record your progress, track your goals, listen to music, or watch movies.

If a call is urgent at Kinective, please be mindful of voice levels and the designated areas in which to hold your call indoors. Of course, the call is encouraged to be taken outdoors as well.

Cell phone use is strictly prohibited in the following areas:

  • Calm area/studios
  • Locker Rooms
  • Massage Lounges
  • Dry Sauna
  • Kinective Kids
  • Steam Room
  • Classes/Studios

Kinective Kids communicates with parents via cell phone, therefore, please be mindful of your cell phone if your children are spending time at Kinective Kids. If you are attending any group fitness class/session you are permitted to have your cell phone on your person in vibrate mode only to be able to communicate with Kinective Kids staff.

Photos, Recordings & Social Media

To ensure the privacy of every and all members of Kinective Fitness Club, we have developed the following photos and recording guidelines.

Member use of cell phones, cameras, or any other recording devices are strictly prohibited for the purposes of taking photographs and pictures or video and audio recording.

Taking pictures, videos, and/or audios at Kinective Fitness Club is permitted for personal use only, provided no other members are in the frame. These are only permitted in the following areas: Selectorized Equipment, Free Weights Area, Cardio Area, Lobby, Zest, Rooftop track (excludes any while participating in a class), and Escape.

Taking photos or videos during a Group Fitness class is prohibited, except for Kinective filmed classes. A notice will be given in advance for members participating in these classes and model releases distributed for those who grant permission of such filming.

When taking pictures and video, please be respectful of other members’ physical and personal space. If you post any videos or pictures online, in any platform including but not limited to social media, blogs, youtube, etc., a photo or video that was taken in Kinective Fitness Club, Kinective reserves the right to ask you to remove the post.

Photographs, pictures, videos, or audio within Kinective Fitness Club to promote outside businesses, products, or services or any third party events/activities, non-profit groups is strictly prohibited without expressed written concept by management.

Professional photographers or videographers or use of any lighting, tripods, or other equipment without written permission from Kinective Fitness Club is not permitted.

Group Fitness Classes are imperative for many members, please keep your phone silent. No usage of cell phones is permitted while performing a class.


Members are expected to follow the Code of Conduct guidelines while in Kinective Fitness Club:

  • Always act in a respectful manner
  • Be conscious of other members. Respect their physical and personal space.
  • Do not engage in behavior that Kinective may consider inappropriate including but not limited to:
    • Harassment
    • Cursing, loud and/or abusive language & noises
    • Threats
    • Abuse
    • Proper Hygiene
    • Antagonizing, disrespecting, badgering, insulting, confrontational and/or aggressiveness to any individual.
  • Kinective reserves the right to remove anyone from the Club at any time as a private club; and/or revoke, cancel, suspend, or otherwise limit membership access; and/or notify law enforcement authorities if any conduct or behavior is considered inappropriate by Kinective.

Members are required to wear appropriate athletic, clothing and footwear when in Kinective Fitness Club facilities.

Members are expected to limit their towel usage to two workout towels and two bath towels per visit.

Members are required to wipe down any and all equipment used before and after usage as well as abide by federal, state and local mandates required by the health authorities while using the facilities including but not limited to face masks and gloves.

Members are required to re-rack any and all dumbbells, weights, plates, bars, and/or equipment for the next member. This includes all areas, studios, and classes.

Members are expected to share any and all equipment with other members. This includes allowing members to work on equipment.

Members are not permitted to bring in any food to the workout area or the locker rooms.

Members are not permitted to bring gym bags, purses, or backpacks of any kind to the workout area or group fitness classes.

No alcohol permitted on the workout floor, studios, or classes.

It is prohibited to attempt to exercise after consuming or partaking in any inebriating/intoxicating substances, including alcohol.

Gym bags and other personal belongings are prohibited to be brought into the gym area or any group fitness classes. Please secure your personal belongings in a locker or car while at Kinective Fitness Club.

Lockers, Laundry Services & Valuables

Complementary daily lockers are provided solely for the benefit of Kinective Fitness Club members. Members are responsible for locking their locker. Any articles left in a locker overnight will be removed and kept in Lost & Found at the Welcome Desk. After 14 days, items will be donated to charitable organizations. Junior and executive lockers may be rented for an additional, non-refundable fee, subject to terms and conditions set forth in the Locker Rental Agreement.

Laundry services can be obtained for an additional, non-refundable fee. Members are required to place any items to be laundered in the provided bags and leave in their locker. All clothing items left in the bag for cleaning will be washed and dried with other members’ clothing items. Kinective is not liable for any loss of, shrinkage, and/or damage to members’ items while being laundered.

Kinective kindly suggests avoiding bringing any valuables unto its premises.


Kinective Kids Usage

  • Kinective Kids accepts children ages 2-12.
  • Kinective Kids is limited to 12 child capacity including 1 attendant.
  • Usage is first-come first-serve and live attendance can be viewed on the Kinective Fitness App, for this reason, attendance for Kinective Kids cannot be guaranteed at anytime.
  • Kinective Kids communicates with parents via cell phone, therefore, please be mindful of your cell phone if your children are spending time at Kinective Kids. If you are attending any group fitness class/session you are permitted to have your cell phone on your person in vibrate mode only to be able to communicate with Kinective Kids staff.

Kinective Device Loaner/Gym Towel Terms & Conditions

Members understand that they are checking out any device for their use as a member at Kinective Fitness Club, and they are not to loan this equipment to anyone else.
Members understand that they are responsible for the care and proper use of the equipment.
Members understand that if the device is not returned to the Welcome Desk within 24hrs they will be deducted automatically from their card on file.
Members understand that if the device is lost or damaged, due to my misuse or neglect, the member will be financially responsible for the replacement or repair cost.
Members understand and agree to let Kinective Fitness Club set up an automatic charge for the device’s replacement or repair cost.

Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers are available during peak hours to help members with any questions related to their workout. Members may not provide personal training services to, or receive personal training services from, any other member or guest, regardless of whether a fee is charged. The use of personal trainers who are not employed by Kinective Fitness Club is strictly prohibited.

Group Fitness Classes

Due to capacity limits and to provide an exceptional experience, all group fitness classes require advance booking. Booking is available 48 hours before every class. Members will not be permitted to participate in any classes unless they have properly booked a class. Please avoid leaving a class early, as this is disruptive of the other members‘ experience.

Kinective Fitness Club may release reservations if anyone arrives after the class has started. If an online class is not cancelled within the allotted time period (8 hours) or a successful check-in is made by the start of the class, it shall be considered a no-show and automatically receive a “strike”. Three (3) strikes within a ninety (90) day period, will result in a restriction from online reservations for a period of thirty (30) days.

Specific locations within a studio for any given group fitness class in TRIBE, SURGE, AND CALM cannot be assigned to a member.

Members may be assigned a bike number for our TOUR area, whenever booking a class. Anyone arriving without booking a reservation, maybe assigned a bike by the instructor NO SOONER than 10 minutes before class.

Please keep your phone silent, no usage of your phone is permitted while performing/participating in a class, an exception is made for silent mode for those who have children in the Kinective Kid’s area.

Members are expected to arrive 5 min before a class starts. Late entrance is not permitted.

The minimum age for joining group fitness classes is 14 years old with adult supervision.

Service Dogs

Service dogs that are individually trained to work or perform tasks for individuals with disabilities, per state or federal guidelines are permitted to accompany members with disabilities to all areas of Kinective Fitness Club open to members. Kinective Fitness Club and/or its staff reserves the explicit right, in their discretion, to request the removal of the dog who is out of control and effective actions are not taken to control it. If the animal is not trained to control bodily functions, if the animal poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others, or if the animal‘s behavior otherwise fundamentally alters the nature of the Club‘s business, Kinective Fitness Club reserves the right to charge you for any actual damage caused by your Service Dog. For the safety of our members and the animals, other pets and “emotional support animals” are not permitted in any area of Kinective Fitness Club.


All firearms or other weapons are prohibited from being brought into the facility, even if you have a license/permit to carry a weapon.

Suspension/ Termination of Membership

Kinective Fitness Club retains the right to terminate a member if they are deemed to be harmful to other members or employees. Once membership is terminated, individuals may not rejoin the facility.