Membership Freeze / Cancel Policy

Membership Freeze

These policies are up-to-date as of August 23rd, 2021.


At-Will Freeze: 

Members can choose to freeze their membership starting on their next billing date for $20 per month for up to 3 months. If they are in an agreement, the months frozen will be added to the end of the agreement. Freezing the membership allows the member to keep their current rate and return without having to sign up again at a different rate. If the annual fee is scheduled within the freeze period, the member will still be held liable for this charge on the scheduled date.


Extended Freeze:

Your Kinective membership may be placed on a “Membership Freeze” for more than 3 months under certain circumstances, at Kinective’s discretion, at the same rate as our regular freeze. To qualify for an extended freeze, you must provide Kinective a printed statement from a physician or orders from a military service branch stating you are unable to use the facility. You can also contact ABC Financial directly at 1-888-827-9262. Upon receipt of this statement, Kinective will freeze your membership or the portion of your membership that has been affected through the date designated by the physician or through the date designated on your military orders. Unless otherwise specified, the freeze period will be effective for a period of 90 days. After the freeze period, your membership or the portion of your membership that has been affected will automatically reactivate. To obtain a medical freeze for an additional period without reactivation, you must submit another statement from your treating physician prior to the expiration of your initial freeze.


Membership Cancellation:

All cancellations require a 30-day notice. The member will be required to make any Scheduled Payments that are due within the 30-day notice to cancel.



A month-to-month agreement may be canceled with a 30-day written notice delivered to the club’s address. The member will be required to make any Scheduled Payments that are due within the 30-days and the membership will be terminated at the end of that period.


Military Orders:

Kinective will waive the cancellation fee if a member is moving due to military relocation orders. You must show proof of relocation with a date labeled within the past 30 days as well as an ID proving identity. 


Membership can be canceled free-of-charge with the appropriate doctor’s note. If the medical limitation is short-term, then an extended freeze will be granted. If the medical limitation is permanent, we will process the termination for free upon validation of the doctor’s note


Death or Disability:

Members may terminate their agreement if they become totally or permanently disabled by giving written notice to Kinective. If they pass away, their estate may terminate the contract by giving written notice.


General Cancellations:

If the cancellation request does not meet the above criteria for a member in a 12-month agreement, the member is still able to cancel. However, there will be a cancellation fee of $199 or the cumulative cost amount of months remaining on the agreement, whichever is the least cost.


Membership Suspension or Termination by Kinective:

Kinective Fitness Club reserves the right to suspend or terminate any membership, or service at any time for a failure to comply with these or any of our other rules, regulations, procedures or policies (which may be amended as necessary), Team Member directions, or for conduct we determine to be improper or contrary to our best interests or the best interest of our members, as determined by us at our sole discretion.


In order to cancel or freeze, requests must be handled in-person at Kinective Fitness.